Strong Enough To Last - Part One

Church leaders and parents often mistakenly assume that a child who attends church once a week will automatically develop a lasting faith. But we must provide opportunities for kids to be with Jesus at home and at church. Kids are impacted spiritually when leaders set aside time for them to experience God, touch God, and evaluate His Word in their lives.

5 Essential Calendaring Skills You Need To Master

I know why you feel overwhelmed and stressed out: your calendar is a mess. Every children’s pastor needs to learn how to master the art of “calendaring.” Prioritizing the scope and sequence of your work is the only way to become an effective leader. It doesn’t matter how rich or poor your ministry budget is; everyone gets the same number of hours in a week. What you do with your time will determine how successful your ministry is.

6 Keys to Successful Mentorship

When I consider the topic of mentoring, I think the operative question is not, “Who instructed you?” but rather, “Who is walking alongside you?” Mentoring is less about information and more about relationship.


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