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25K in May Challenge

Coins for Kids and Master’s Toolbox are teaming up to raise 25K in May! We are encouraging every leader to adopt the Buddy’s Buddies Challenge. Leaders will challenge kids to find 10 buddies and give them each a box and encourage them to fill their box with $10. If every kid does this, they can raise $100!


Please postmark your offerings by May 31st. Don’t miss out on this exciting challenge! Thank you in advance for your generosity!

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What is Coins for Kids (CFK)?

Coins for Kids is the missions arm of Girls Ministries. Each year the national Girls Ministries Department, in cooperation with the Assemblies of God World Missions and Home Missions, selects a missions project that specifically affects children.


Girls Ministries partners with the Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge—BGMC. The Coins for Kids offering received during the project year and from the Nationwide Girls Ministries Event not only benefits the national missions project but also contributes to BGMC when mailed to the national Girls Ministries Department.  

Join Girls Ministries clubs everywhere as we partner with BGMC* to make our coins count. Each year we feature one project to help kids around the world. Together we've helped build . . .

  • a community center in Romania
  • a church and school in Senegal, Africa
  • an after-school program in Bangladesh
  • a care-giving team for Orphan Care in China
  • a school for kids in Venezuela  

These are just a few of the ways we've been able to make a difference for kids.

 Together, let's make our coins count! Donate now!

*Churches who give to Coins for Kids through the national Girls Ministries Department will get both BGMC and World Missions giving credit. 


2019 Coins for Kids Project -Project Argentina

For Project Argentina Resources Click Here 

What do you want to be when you grow up? There are so many options that it might even be hard for you to choose!

Unfortunately, some kids live in places where there aren’t as many opportunities. That’s why Coins for Kids is raising money for Mission Argentina this year: to allow missionaries to create a place that will help kids and give them a chance for an even brighter future!

When you give, your spare change will go to build a community center called a Plaza, where children and families can visit and benefit from:

  • Life skill lessons
  • Tutoring
  • Prayer, devotions, and fellowship

Your Coins for Kids offering will give kids in Argentina an opportunity to achieve their dreams! 

Offerings can be given securely online here or you can mail a check to our offices. Make checks payable to Coins for Kids and mail to:National Girls Ministries 
Attn: Coins for Kids
1445 North Boonville Ave
Springfield, MO 65802

Note: All Coins for Kids donations received on January 1, 2020 or postmarked after December 31, 2019 will automatically go to the 2020 project. 


P: 417.862.2781

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