Getting Started

How do I get started with clubs?


1. Contact your district Girls Ministries director

Get in touch with your director for more information on starting clubs in your area. Contact information can be found here.


2. Plan financing

Talk to church leadership about how funds are allocated and accounted. Funds can be raised through regular offerings from the girls, a subsidy from the church, a Women’s Ministries group, or fund-raisers.

3. Recruit and train leaders

Clubs can function with as many or as few leaders as you have, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t have as many leaders as you want. We have tools to help you train and equip leaders with our Leader Training Guide.


4. Prepare

Each Sponsor Guide provides you with a foundation for your Girls Ministries program. The Sponsor Guide has everything a leader needs to disciple girls through the entire year of curriculum, everything from lesson plans for every unit, pictures of Activity Pages, reproducible resources, and club information.


5. Pick a day, set a time, and get rolling!

Select a place for club meetings. Find a place where girls will be comfortable and can be themselves, and is conducive to group conversation. Decide on the time and frequency of meetings that work well for your group.


Get your complete Getting Started guide here


Format Options

There are a variety of options when it comes to format. You can also consider more than one format. For example, if you decide to meet as a small group, you can work in one unit or more as a weekend retreat in order to delve into that topic more.


Consider the following formats below for your clubs. These are just a few options:


  • Small Group: Allows for advertising of special interest topics. It also allows an opportunity to delve into one topic, related topics, or treat the group like a traditional club going through each unit's subtopics.
  • Sunday School: This setting allows for study and optional charted achievement. This setting can work well when midweek options are not possible.
  • Ministry Breakout Groups: Use the curriculum as a guide to open discussion and scriptural insight. Treat the activity page or journal work as optional.
  • After-School Program: Practical and applicable to un-churched girls, or girls whose schedules work best after school.
  • Home School Co-Op: This setting provides an opportunity to teach character-building and explore Christian education. This also allows home-schooled girls to enjoy time with other girls that girls in private or public school receive. 
  • One-on-One Mentoring: An established and defined discussion guide to open doors for mentoring and training. 
  • Weekend Retreats: Allows leaders to delve into specific topics and invite guest speakers, add fun features, and engage in discussion breakout groups.

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