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Discipleship and Achievement

Traditionally, Girls Ministries curriculum features an achievement-based system, where girls work toward goals and receive recognition when they’ve completed them.  We also offer a non-achievement system that serves solely as a discipleship and mentoring program.  Either way, you Girls Ministries group will surely touch the lives of girls in your church and community.


See the details of both programs below!


A Non-Achievement program doesn’t follow any standardized requirement but focuses more on discipleship and spending time with the girls as a group.  If your girls aren’t interested in earning awards or don’t have time to work the requirements into their schedule, non-achievement could be the right choice for your group. You’ll still get the same discussion and biblical base for a woman-to-girl mentoring program, as well as the chance to speak into the girls’ lives.


Features of the Non-Achievement program:

  • You can tailor your own requirements to the curriculum.
  • Fewer time pressures to complete a required number of units.
  • Girls can work at their own pace rather than staying within the standard timeframe for each club.
  • Girls are not required to complete unit projects or pass a review.


An Achievement program has standards and requirements that girls work to complete in order to earn badges and awards. These awards offer a great incentive for completing a program and a sense of accomplishment upon completion. Awards are a means of encouraging girls to hide God's Word in their hearts. Achievement programs in a club setting provide a sense of belonging as girls work together. It is important to remember that badges and awards are a means, not an end. Helps the girls gain a sense of accomplishment and confidence.


Features of the Achievement program:

  • Participating in local and district recognition events helps girls feel a part of a larger community of clubs.
  • Provides symbols to accompany the knowledge they have gained through awards.
  • Girls take part in a guided trackable charted out program that helps them with reading and learning the Scriptures..
  • All they are required to learn will enrich their faith and serve as tools as they grow older.


Whatever your choice, achievement or non-achievement, you have many options for how to personalize your club, make it enjoyable to the girls in your club, and most importantly help you to disciple and mentor them.


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