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Finish Strong

I recently watched a video of a group of runners as they neared the finish line of a marathon. A female runner was showing obvious signs of fatigue, and at one point even began to stumble. It was at that moment that two other runners came alongside her and placed her arms around their necks to help her finish the race. Their efforts were not enough. She continued to stumble over her own feet as the strength in her legs was completely depleted.

Out of nowhere, a man came up from behind this now struggling team of three, scooped the frail women into his arms, and ran toward the finish line. As I watched the video, I felt myself cheering them on! It was an exciting finish and a true display of team work.

Once again, we are blessed by the amount of funds raised to date for this year’s Coins for Kids project, Special Touch Ministries. We continue to see our missions giving increase year after year. As we come down to the final weeks of the year, let me encourage you to finish strong! 

No matter what you give, the point is to develop a heart of generosity. As we consider giving to missions, we can often see ourselves as the frail women, struggling to reach the finish line and achieve a goal we set 11 months ago. Instead, let me challenge you to see yourselves as the man who was willing to carry the exhausted and weary women to the finish line. We have the privilege of supporting ministries through our missions giving—providing the strength and support they may need to reach the finish line.

 Special Touch Ministries is reaching lives for Jesus year after year and spreading a spirit of compassion. As we wrap up 2018, let’s allow our thoughts, prayers, and financial support for missions to be strengthened as we come alongside missionaries Charlie and Debbie Chivers.

Together we can finish strong! 


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