NGM Leadership Development Conference

September 20-21, 2019

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NGM Leadership Development Conference

November 8-9, 2019

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Training Resources

Girls Clubs Leader Training GuideAvailable in English & Spanish

Everything you need to know to effectively run the clubs - details on all club levels, uniforms, and awards; tips for being an effective leader; customizing the club format to your church's needs; and steps to starting Mpact Kids, Mpact Girls, and Teen Girl clubs. This course is recommended for all club leaders and coordinators.


Momentum Leadership Development Units - Bronze: Education 

Created to help teachers sharpen their skills and become more effective in the classroom. Unit topics include:

  • Girls with Special Needs and Disabilities
  • The Dynamics of Mentoring
  • Understanding Learning Styles

Momentum Unidades para el desarrollo del liderazgo - Educación (nivel bronce) 

En esta unidad, usted enriquecerá su comprensión de las necesidades únicas de cada estudiante. Incluye:

  • Niños con necesidades especiales o discapacidades
  • Las dinámicas de la mentoría
  • Comprendamos los estilos de aprendizaje 

Momentum Leadership Development Units - Silver: Community

Offers continued training centered on societal factors that affect the church today. Units topics include:

  • Blending the Generations
  • The World in Your Clubroom
  • Community Outreach


Momentum Leadership Development Units - Gold: Personal Growth

This training focuses on personal and interpersonal relationships as well as the worldviews that influence us and those around us. Unit topics include:

  • Managing Conflict
  • Living What You've Learned
  • Building a Biblical Worldview


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