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Preparing Girls Leaders for Successful Ministry

My name is Kimberly Reynolds, and this is my fourth year as the Girls Club director at Timberline Church, Windsor Campus, in Windsor, Colorado. I have served a total of six years with Girl’s Ministries and have seen our clubs grow from 28 girls in 2014 to 72 in 2018.

This year we had only three volunteers return. The others couldn’t return for various reasons. After getting over my panic, I decided to make Girls Clubs more manageable for my teachers and helpers. I had to start over with training leaders and helpers.

In August, we had the Rocky Mountain Girls Ministries leadership team come to our church and lead a training with my new volunteers.  I wanted to make our clubs fun for all leaders each week, so here is a list of the systems I put into place to make it manageable for everyone:


1. We always have a family potluck in a park to meet and greet each other on a casual level the week before our Girls Clubs begin. We introduce the teachers and helpers, have snack signups, and just have fun.

2. The first night of the clubs, I lead the order of events and set the scene for how Girls Clubs are structured. We review our expectations during this time. The FRIENDS girls meet with their two teachers and they have a separate welcome time together.

3. We created club crates for each club. They are filled with hanging files of all the units, in order of instruction. Each hanging file has the activity pages for the group, take- home pages, coloring pages, and craft ideas or materials. All the preparation is done beforehand for the teachers. They just need to read their lessons and pray before they arrive. Also, in the crates are extra memory verse games with materials supplied (like jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, yarn, cards, etc.). In the back of the crates are extra lesson plan examples, extra class rosters, classroom management techniques, Girls Club calendars, and any other special notes.

4. We implemented a new communication system called “Remind Me.” You can find the app at  https://www.remind.com/. I enter all my volunteer phone numbers as a group called “Girls Club 2018-19.” I can send the same message in a text to all the leaders. This serves as a great tool to remind my adults that I need them all to be present each week as much as possible, and to receive feedback, especially if they are going to be absent.

5. I implement a guest speaker or have a field trip each month in all clubs to provide focus on the unit’s theme.

6. We have three full-time snack ladies who organize the snacks all year long through “Sign-Up Genius” (see below for more details). It is very successful.


Parent involvement is very important. We send out a Sign-Up Genius (free online sign-up forms at https://www.signupgenius.com/) to parents, asking them to volunteer in their daughter’s class, once in the fall and once in the spring. This allows them to see how our clubs work and how relationships are built. There are many women who have developed strong friendships by getting to know other women through their daughters’ class.

Over the summer I begin to recruit by calling women and meeting them for coffee to get acquainted. I like to learn their strengths and interests to help me assess which club they would be best suited to work with. 

Building relationships and communication with your volunteers are the keys to making your Girls Clubs successful.


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