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48 Dollars in 48 Hours


Coins for Kids exists to give girls the chance to give to missions in a big way! Through their gifts, intentionally selected annual projects right here in the U.S. and around the world are equipped to spread the Gospel message far and wide. Whether it’s building an orphanage, buying a backpack or bringing hope to a community in need, children’s needs, both spiritually and physically, are being met.

This year, we are challenging Girls Ministries leaders across the nation to lead their girls in giving an individual, one-time $48 offering to provide supplies for boys and girls to attend school in Vanuatu and through COMPACT Family Services.

Imagine if, in a matter of two days, we sent 1,000 kids to school with 1,000 gifts of $48 in just 48 hours!

Will you take the challenge?

1.     Commit yourself and your girls to giving a one-time offering to Coins for Kids.


2.     Text three of your fellow Girls Ministries’ leaders to take the challenge with you, and take a screenshot of you sending the message.

a.     Suggested text: “Hey, Coins for Kids has a 48 hour challenge to sponsor 1000 school kids in Vanuatu and COMPACT @$48. Would you be willing to sponsor one and find 3 others to do the same?”


3.     Post your picture on social media (Facebook is preferred) using the hashtag #CoinsforKids48

a.     Share on your personal page, church’s page, and on the Girls Ministries Leader Community Page that you are committing to the challenge!

4.     Give that offering on March 23rd to 25th. Give online at giving.ag.org with account #20045 or give by mail using this form. (Mail-in offerings should be postmarked by the 25th to be included in the total amount.)


Together, we are challenging girls to reach the world, and when we give to Coins for Kids’ projects, children both in the United States and around the world are receiving the wonderful message of Jesus!



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