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Things to Know

Want to always be up-to-date on what is happening in Girls Ministries? Come follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Facebook is a great way to keep in touch and share ideas. We've created a general Girls Ministries page, and a Teen Girl Ministries page. Check back frequently for news updates, photos, and videos.


2016-2017 Catalog NEW


2016 Curriculum Updates

New updates are coming to Girls Only, our high school girls curriculum/small group journals.

• Curriculum now features New International Version (2011)

• Girls Only curriculum now available in Spanish

• Sponsor Guides now include English and Spanish curriculum on one CD-ROM

• Girls Only Journal Pages now available in 6 handy topical journal booklets

• Cultural updates have been made

• Rewritten units include: Dating and Creation vs. Evolution

• New title and updated: Home Management changed to Living on My Own

• Personal reflection questions added between lessons

Product Availability: November 2016

Coming in 2017: Prims updates and revisions


2015 Curriculum Updates

Exciting new updates are coming to the Girls Ministries curriculum. In the 2015–2016 catalog you will see these updates for Rainbows, Daisies, and Friends:

  • Curriculum now features New International Version (2011).
  • Rainbows years 1, 2, and 3 are united in one convenient volume.
  • Rainbows Year 3, Daisies 3 Unit Pack (Believing, Loving, Respecting), and Friends curriculum now available in Spanish
  • Sponsor Guides now include English and Spanish curriculum on one CD-ROM
  • Friends Journal Pages now available in 6 handy topical booklets
  • Cultural updates have been added

Product Availability:
Rainbows - November 2015
Daisies and Friends - August 2015

Specific Details: 2015CurriculumUpdates.pdf

Helpful new changes will also be coming for Prims, Stars, and Girls Only in 2016 and 2017.

Events & Evangelism (Coins for Kids)

CFK Change Of Schedule


General Girls Ministries

Achievement or Non-Achievement

Code of Conduct (English and Spanish)

Curriculum Topic Overview

Early Promotion

Format Options

Girls Club Flag Pledge

Medalist Invitations Bronze, Silver, and Gold 

Model Release Adult  &  Model Release Minor

NGM Terminology 

Policy for Completing Previous Clubs

Policy for Parents Leading Girls/Correspondence

Standardized National Reviews  English 

Standardized National Reviews  Spanish 

Unit Topics (Downloadable list)


Leadership Development

Honor Sponsors Change in Requirements (Friends and Girls Only)

LDU Name Change

Poised to Clarity

Mpact Girls Clubs

New Stars Statement Of Faith


Mpact Kids Clubs

Sunlight Kids



Award Changes (Stars, Friends, and Girls Only)

2014/2015 Catalog

New Products

Sponsor Guides on CD-Rom

Stars T-Shirt: Update on the Stars T-shirt situation. Some may not be aware, but the shirts we selected for the Stars redesign last year run small. Some of you have shared your dislike of the new shirt. We do not want our leaders, girls, or parents to think we encourage tight/immodest attire. Since December, we have worked to find a similar but more true-to-size shirt as replacement. We found it! Attached is a flyer/order form that you can use to order Stars Club color T-shirts. The size chart is included so that you know exactly what you are ordering. The shirt is a little heavier than the other and we were able to add an adult 3X size. Please help us communicate this change. Thank you for your patience!

T-Shirt Sizing Charts


Teen Girl Ministries (TGM)

New Hot Topics

TGM Day Book


Web Resources

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Teen Girl Ministries Facebook page
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