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Bringing up Girls Book Review

Review of Bringing Up Girls

By Candy Tolbert
National Girls Ministries Director

Bringing up Girls Dr. 
DobsonChristian parents these days more now than ever before struggle to raise their children in a society that wants to ruin them from the offset. Girls especially are subject to a more media driven society than in the past. That's why this long awaited book delivers the greatest possible impact to the world of girls and those who parent and teach them and as National GM Director and the mom of two daughters, many chapters definitely hit a nerve. No disappointment here!

Dr. Dobson covers many shocking topics and facts that we as parents can be unaware or even numb to. I was startled to learn that "Ninety percent of those affected by anorexia and bulimia in Western nations are girls, beginning as early as five or six years of age." While I am aware that eating disorders are a huge social concern, I never imagined that some of these girls are in kindergarten!

This book is a definite must read not only for parents but also for those who find themselves in an influential position involving girls and most assuredly a definite read for parents, teachers, and youth workers. This book is full of instruction, information, and inspiration for its readers. The chapter entitled "Girls in Peril" provides, daunting but invaluable information. I emphasize "must read now" because he is writing on the importance of - from birth - spiritual training at home, and also he is writing about moral purity and the influence of parents, teachers and peers. These topics are timeless, culturally relevant and, as always in Dr. Dobson's books, he leaves the reader with wonderful tools and resources which I appreciate.

Authors: Candy Tolbert

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