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About Teen Girls

Teen Girl Ministries Leaders


Teen girls are a blast. They're full of energy, funny stories, and can be some of the most passionate people you'll ever meet. Here are a few generalizations that can be made about teen girls. Knowing these things can make your ministry to them a lot more effective.

1. Teen girls need encouragement. They struggle with insecurities, they're finding out what they're good at, and they're juggling a lot between school, family, church, a job, and a social life.

Send them a Facebook message or a handwritten note from time to time. Show up for your small group meeting with a special treat. Take a break from your normal routine and have a movie night to let them relax. Let them spend some time venting to you so they can sleep more soundly at night with a clear mind and some timely words of encouragement from you.

We all need Christian friends in our lives to share life with. Jesus had his disciples, David had Jonathan, Naomi had Ruth, and Elijah had Elisha.

2. Teel girls need to know they are a priority to you. There's nothing more frustrating for a teen girl than to set aside time and drive to a small group only to discover that it's been cancelled or that nothing's really been organized for the night.

a. Be clear and consistent in your communication between meetings.
b. Give them plenty of notice of any special meetings or upcoming events.
c. Begin on time and end on time. If girls want to linger after, great, but close the meeting on time so girls who need to leave can do so without feeling uncomfortable.
d. Have something planned for each session. Even if you're planning on not doing anything that evening, plan something! Have a time of prayer for each other's requests before your movie night. Briefly talk about a Scripture verse that's been on your heart before you begin game night. Put thought into the snacks you provide for your bonfire. Do something to let the girls know you've been expecting them!

3. Teen girls can change. By offering to lead a small group you're providing a way for a teen girl to change the people she hangs out with as well as the places she goes to hang out. Meet at your home. Meet at a restaurant or a coffee shop. Bring a few decorations for a room at your church. Make it a warm and inviting place that feels safe. When you fix those elements and the girls can start building meaningful relationships, amazing things can happen.

When it comes down to it, if the small group is important to you, it will be important to your girls! May God bless you and strengthen you as you minister to the girls in your life. May He give you boldness and compassion. May He give you creative ideas and supernatural energy, and may He give you an amazing year as you serve Him!



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