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But We’ve Always Done it This Way…

leafI really like my routine.  I like to wake up at the same time five days a week, go to work and come home at the same time every day, do small group on Monday, prayer and worship with friends on Tuesday,  church on Wednesday, spend Thursday night at home, have time with friends on Friday, take Saturday off and go to church on Sunday.  I even like the routine of the seasons of the year.  I like knowing what’s going to happen next.

But every once in a while, things change.  Recently, our office was closed for two whole days due to a nasty storm. Not only was my routine completely thrown off, but I also had to entertain myself in the house for 48 hours.

Sometimes change is good, like a vacation, wedding, or a new baby.  Other times, change is just change, like moving small group to Saturday morning or moving across town.  Still other times, change isn’t quite as good, like the loss of a job, death of a friend or family member, or the end of a relationship.

I’ve found that I like change sometimes, especially if it was my idea to make the change.  I’m notorious for changing my hair style (or color) routinely.  I like to rearrange furniture and move accessories around my house. 

Recently, I realized that when I don’t like the change, it’s usually because it was someone else’s idea.  Sometimes, I can be so nervous about learning to do something differently or losing momentum during the shift that I’ll immediately write of the changes as a bad idea instead of jumping on board to do my best to implement the change for the benefit of everyone around me.  From my own experience, this attitude isn’t very good for unifying a team – especially in ministry.

The important thing is learning to look for what God is doing through the changes we experience.  Romans 8:28 (NIV) assures us that “…in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”  Notice that Paul didn’t say “in the good things” or “in the things that look like they’re part of the plan.”  No, he says in all things God works for the good of those who love Him.  God is using the changes in your life – the good and the bad – to draw you nearer to Him.

So, the next time you confront a change keep your eyes open to see how God is using the changes for your good (even if it wasn’t your idea).


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