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Celebration Guidelines for the Local Church

The annual graduation ceremony is called a Girls Clubs Celebration. All clubs can participate in one ceremony. However, if you have large clubs, you can recognize Rainbows through Prims in one service and Stars through Girls Only in another. The purpose of the Girls Clubs Celebration is threefold:

  • To recognize all girls and their achievements at the time of promotion to the next club
  • To provide an evangelistic service for unchurched parents, family, and friends
  • To bring glory and honor to Jesus Christ our Lord through a time of commitment
    (See charges below —these should be the pinnacle of the Celebration.)

Suggested Ideas

  • Honor Star, Friends Graduate, and Girls Only Graduate can be escorted by father, parents, Royal Rangers, etc.
  • Special music—songs representing commitment to Christ
  • Present each girl with a white flower (representing purity) with a ribbon corresponding to the appropriate club-level color
  • Annual Theme Bulletin Cover: inside left-order of service; inside right-names of girls and sponsors; outside back-charges)
  • Recognize and honor leaders
  • Reception—Display girls' books, projects, pictures of Adventures, etc.

Guidelines for Attire

Sunday attire or white dress is recommended. Backless, slits above the knee, strapless, and wedding gowns are not appropriate. Modest length and neckline are desired.

Suggested Planning Schedule

  • 6 months prior—Plan event with pastor or appropriate staff and finalize all arrangements for church
  • 3 months prior—Send applications to district Girls Ministries coordinator and order all awards (see order form)
  • 6 weeks prior—Send invitations; organize volunteers for reception 3 weeks prior-Prepare order of service
  • 1 week prior—Prepare all decorations and reception; Organize awards; Send final reminder home with girls; Hold a rehearsal with all participants

All elements of the ceremony must be approved by the pastor and/or Girls Clubs coordinator.

Suggested Order of Service


Worship 5-10 minutes led by sponsor or girls
Special music Possibly "All I Long For"
Brief overview of Girls Clubs  
Recognize leaders Honor Sponsors
Recognize and present awards Prims, Honor Prims, Daisies, Honor Daisies, Rainbows, Honor Rainbows
Special music Possibly Rainbows, Daisies, and Prims choir sing "Honor You"
Challenge (10-15 minutes) Presented by Medal of Honor recipient, sponsor, coordinator, DMC, pastor/pastor's wife or special guest
Recognize and present awards Stars, Friends, Girls Only
Recognize girls, then present awards and charges by club level Honor Stars, Friends Graduates, Girls Only Graduates
Recognize and present awards Medals of Honor
Special music Possibly Stars, Friends, and Girls Only Choir (Friends or Girls Only song)
Reception following  

Honor Star Charge

"In Stars Club you have been taught and trained in Christian principles and doctrine. May the Scriptures you have memorized give you a strong foundation and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ—unmovable and unchangeable regardless of what comes your way in life. You have great choices ahead of you. Always consider what Jesus would have you do and follow His leading. I charge you to stand firm as an Honor Star, to keep your eyes on Jesus, and to remember your pledge."

Honor Stars respond – "Having accepted Jesus as my Savior, I will follow Him in service, in testimony, in attitude, and in relationships; striving always to glorify my Lord as an Honor Star."

"Jesus has a special purpose and plan for your life. He will never fail you. Keep your eyes on Him and your hand in His. Walk close to the Lord."

Honor Stars respond – "I will follow Jesus."

"May your commitment to follow Jesus direct your every step."

Friends Graduate Charge

"In Friends Club you have committed yourself to Jesus Christ, Christian values, family, friends, and the Church. You've promised to encourage and provide accountability to one another. Through Scripture memorization, study time, and Bible reading, you have been taught what it means to be fully committed to the Lord our God, to live by His decrees, and to obey His commands."

"I now charge you to be fully committed to God throughout your high school years and beyond. This ring symbolizes your desire to fulfill this commitment to Jesus Christ, Christian values, family, friends, and the Church. May it serve to remind you that no temptation is worth compromising your relationship with Jesus Christ. Most importantly, may the eternal value of this commitment direct you in every decision from this point on."

Friends Graduates respond – "As Friends we will be committed to Jesus Christ our Lord, Christian values, family, friends, and church; promising to encourage and provide accountability to one another. We are committed to God."

Girls Only Graduate Charge

"In Girls Only Club you have been challenged to reflect God in every part of your life: spiritual, social, emotional, and physical. You have promised to stand firm in your commitment to Him, both now and in the future. May every Scripture verse you've memorized, every project you've completed, and every godly relationship you have built during your time in Girls Clubs help to guide you throughout your life."

Girls Only Graduates respond – "I pledge to reflect God in every part of my life: spiritual, social, emotional, and physical; and to stand firm in my commitment to Him, both now and in the future."

"I now charge you to uphold the truths you have learned in Girls Clubs and be a witness for Christ to everyone around you. May this necklace serve to remind you to 'Trust the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.'"

Girls Only Graduates respond – "Every day in every way I will boldly live for God

Gold Medal of Honor Charge

Today, you are earning the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a Girls Club graduate, the Gold Medal of Honor.

You have demonstrated your commitment to the Lord and to the discipleship offered in the girls clubs ministry, and have lived by the Girls Ministries Code of Conduct.

Congratulations on completing the honor requirements for five Girls Ministries clubs - Daisies, Prims, Stars, Friends and Girls Only.

This Gold Medal is a mere symbol of the value of the Scriptures and truths you have you've learned over the past twelve years, and the relationships you have forged with your mentors and friends.

You have worked hard to earn this Gold Medal, may you never settle for worthless treasure, rather continue to dig deep in your walk with God for the true Gold found only in a relationship with Him.

Now I recognize you as a Girls Only graduate and a recipient of the Gold Medal of Honor.

May your commitment to Jesus Christ direct your every step.