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By: Diana Black

"Summertime, and the livin' is easy . . ." So goes a song from my youth, and I'm thinking about summers gone by . . .

Every summer, our church has a Fourth of July fireworks fundraiser. If you've never been to the Central San Joaquin Valley of California in the summer, let me just tell you - it is hot! Someone might say, "But it's a dry heat." To which I would reply, "Yes, much like that of a pizza oven!" And if you're outside in triple-digit weather, the livin' doesn't seem so easy.

Sitting in a fireworks booth in pizza-oven-like heat is not especially comfortable; so, when five-year-old Abby asked (from outside the booth, because children are not allowed inside), "Miss Diana, can I have two of your mints?," I lazily replied, "I'm sorry, Abby, but I can't reach my purse right now." Her innocent comeback was, "Then, can I have just one?" Everyone within earshot laughed until we couldn't catch our collective breath! (Side note: All our church kids have great breath, because they hit up both my husband and me for breath mints after every service.)

I remember a summer in my early 20s (approximately 117 years ago - before the advent of acrylic nails) when I worked at Missionettes Camp. I have always had strong fingernails. One little camper admired my long nails and commented with amazement, "You could sure pick a piece of glass out of your foot with those!" (I thought she was going to say my nails were pretty!)

The logic of a child sometimes escapes the adult brain. A "Kid Quote" I read in a magazine years ago proves that sometimes the opposite is true: A woman and her young granddaughter were running errands, and the granddaughter asked, "Grandma, where are we going next?" The grandma replied, "We're going to the store to buy some fertilizer for the strawberries." Following a moment of silence, the little girl inquired, "Can I have mine with whipped cream instead?" I don't blame her. I have always preferred whipped cream rather than fertilizer on my strawberries.

As a Girls Ministries leader, it's important to communicate on a level and in such a way that the girls can relate - whether you are teaching a lesson or just having conversation. Enjoy the innocent, adorable, and sometimes illogical comments of your girls. With your love and encouragement and continued, clear communication, their child-logic will eventually be replaced with a solid understanding of and love for God's Word.


Authors: Diana Black