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By: Diana Black

"My, how time flies!" We've all heard that expression, and most of us have used it. I've never felt it more than I do now. My teeny-tiny baby girl, who started out at just two pounds is now a beautiful, intelligent young woman on the verge of becoming a college graduate. Where did the time go? (Get ready, I am now going to wax nostalgic....)

Chelsea has always been a blessing, and she has always provided plenty of entertainment! When she was little, she sometimes became frustrated with me, calling me a "long-taker" when I was in the store longer than she wanted me to be or a "forgetter" whenever I forgot something (I admit that was pretty frequently).

When she saw her daddy deep in thought one day, she asked, "What are you doing, Daddy? Thinking in your little bald head?" We still laugh about that! I was working out to an aerobics video in the living room when Chelsea was about four years old. (I used to do things like that.) Her very serious comment was, "Mama, your legs look like big pipes!" Thanks, Chelsea....

Road trips with Chelsea were and are a musical extravaganza! From the time she was riding in a car seat to now riding in the backseat of our car, she always sings during almost the entire trip. Now, how can I say this nicely.... we are not exactly a musically gifted family. Our vocals are much better spoken than sung. That doesn't stop our daughter, though; she loves to sing - and we're so glad! She has the joy of the Lord in her heart!

"My daughter is graduating next month from Vanguard University." I have to keep repeating that to myself until it sinks in. She was seven years old about three weeks ago - at least it seems like three weeks ago. She's been an awesome student and plans to continue her education with hopes to one day teach English at Vanguard. In the meantime, she is involved with Junior High and College Ministries at her church. We couldn't be prouder or more proud (You decide which is grammatically correct).

If you are a parent, or if you work with children, you realize how quickly time passes. We have a short time to influence and mentor young girls. As Girls Ministries leaders, we have an awesome privilege and responsibility to invest in their lives. Maybe one day, you'll be reminiscing about your time together, and you won't have to ask, "Where did the time go?" Your heart will swell with pride as you witness the beauty of Christ shining through them and realize that you had a part in shaping their lives. You invested wisely. Is it worth the time in your already-busy schedule? I know your answer.

Bio: Diana Black is married to Pastor Walt and is mom to Chelsea, a junior at Vanguard University. She loves kids and coordinating Girls Ministries at New Beginnings, in Hanford, California.

Authors: Diana Black