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Five leaders for two girls?

Yes, you read that correctly. This year our Girls Only Club has 2 freshman girls. We start our clubs in September so I began a search for a leader early in the summer. After two or three apologetically turned down the opportunity, I felt God lay an idea on my heart. Why not let the girls benefit from the giftings of several women in our church?

I spoke to our children's pastor about it, and he was very open to the idea. I then spoke with a former Girls Only leader, and she liked it as well. After confirmation from other ministry mentors, I approached the girls' parents about the idea. They loved it! They too liked the concept of multiple women building relationships with their daughters.

At that point, I went back to two women I had already spoken to with this alternative plan - a one-month commitment to Sunday nights in the Youth Center. They said yes! I then asked a few others and all agreed.

The girls started their Girls Only time with two women in their 70s-80s whose lives had been dedicated to full-time ministry. These women relished the chance to invest in the lives of two young women. They alternated leading but both attended each week as they worked through the Attitude unit. Talk about having leaders with experience in developing a good attitude!

The next leader was a newlywed in her 20s-a young professional with a degree in interior design. Her background was perfect for leading the girls through the Home Management unit. They spent an afternoon visiting open houses in the city, viewing a variety of options, from college rentals to family homes.

We are now in our third unit. This leader has a great parental view of what these freshman girls are experiencing right now, since she has a son the same age. As a mother of boys, she jumped at this ministry opportunity. We've had to adjust our meeting time due to scheduling conflicts with all three involved, but it has still been great! They will complete The Will of God unit later this month.

This may not be the ideal plan for all Girls Only Clubs, but it does seem to be working for us. I couldn't ask for more amazing or diverse women to invest in these girls' lives. So far, the girls have known all the leaders through other activities and have been very comfortable sharing their own thoughts and ideas with them.

This plan is a little more work for me as a coordinator, especially since scheduling is more complicated. But both girls have the Gold Medal of Achievement in their sights, and we are doing what we can to help them reach that goal. As coordinator, I follow up with the girls on their memory verses, projects, and Bible reading.

If we can't find a leader to commit to Girls Only next year, I'm completely comfortable doing this again. Most of the women who've helped this year have said they'd help with individual units another year. Difficulties may arise as we add more girls to the club, but I believe we can succeed. I love the idea of the girls having multiple godly mentors!

For churches considering adding Girls Only, this could be a great way to start. It could even be a discipleship-only model allowing women to lead units that fit their giftings and still be involved most of the year in their own small groups or services.

Lori Van Veen
Girls Clubs Coordinator
Central Assembly of God
Springfield, MO


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