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A Day as a Yupik Eskimo - CFK Project Idea

By Lori Van Veen, Local Coordinator
Central Assembly of God, Springfield, MO
"A Day as a Yupik Eskimo"

For the past 2 years, our church has hosted a missions emphasis in late August on the week before girls begin in their new clubs. When the Sleepover Packet started including ideas for this kind of emphasis, we decided to go with it. We order in Sleepover T-shirts for the leaders and use the event to promote the project and Sleepover which is usually 4 or 5 weeks away. Several of our Friends Club girls assisted which is a great way to let them be involved in giving back as well.

This year's "A Day as a Yupik Eskimo" gave a lot of great ideas and we tried to complete all of them. Girls gathered in their clubrooms and completed activities in the Camp Yupik Activity Book. Then we all gathered together to view the Alaska - place of God video and talk about what they thought Alaska was like. We also got to hear from someone who had visited Alaska before and hear about a young Eskimo girl she had befriended.

Then each club level (Rainbows — Stars) participated in one of the suggested activities. The Rainbows started at tables covered in shaving cream to draw pictures. We adapted the idea to draw pictures outside or in pudding to shaving cream simply to reduce the mess. The Daisies got to walk across some pieces of wood (to simulate a path through muddy terrain) and into a pop up tent which represented the homes of the migrant Yupik in the summer months.

The Prims went to a bean bag toss game. Girls got to throw bean bags through the mouth of a giant fish painted on a large piece of wood. It was simple but fun and again reinforced the idea that the Yupik people fish through the summer so they have meat in the winter. After playing the game girls got to each a fish stick or two.

The Stars girls began by drawing a picture to help them remember the project. We adapted the activity here as well and let the girls draw with markers on foamie sheets. This worked best for us in the time allotted. The Rainbows didn't participate in this activity as it was a bit beyond their capabilities.

As groups completed the circuit of activities, they got to eat a snow cone served to them by our children's pastor. They loved seeing him and he had fun interacting with the kids.

Every age level had a great time and learned something about Alaska. As they returned to their clubrooms, leaders distributed Coins for Kids offering boxes and Faith Promise Cards encouraging the girls to pledge to bring the money to Sleepover. The boxes were identified with the downloadable Alaska stickers so that they remember what they were giving to.


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