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"Getting Our Edge Back!"
By: Melissa Alfaro, Texas Louisiana Hispanic District Girls Ministries director

2012 has officially begun and we here at the Texas Louisiana Hispanic District are grateful to God for allowing us to complete our first year as the new 66th district of the Assemblies of God! God has been faithful as we have stepped out in faith, and what a year we have seen!

Reflecting on Girls Ministries we witnessed a mighty move of God in what had to be our department highlight of the year - our first annual District Girls Ministries Camp. We had about 300 in attendance, a number of salvations and rededications, and 30 baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. We also witnessed a number of physical healings including back pains, an eye sty, and inner deliverances of self-cutting and thoughts of suicide. As a district leader I could not be more proud of the army of women and spiritual mothers (our sectional and local coordinators and sponsors) for responding to the challenge of being a new district and all it entails. These women have truly caught the vision and responded with open arms to the need and spiritual hunger of our girls.

As we closed 2011 I found myself asking God, "What now? Where do we go from here?" As leaders these are familiar questions we juggle around in our mind throughout the year - "What speaker? What venue? What theme? What word?" We finish with one event and its already time to start planning the next; and in the midst of deadlines, to-do lists, and touring the district we can get so caught up staying "busy" that we unconsciously lose our edge and effectiveness in the process. We do not mean to, but the fact is ... it happens. We are serving God, but in the midst of working for Him an illness arrives, a crisis knocks on our door, and we find ourselves going through the motions of serving but failing to see results or the spiritual harvest we know God promised us.

The sons of the prophets described in 2 Kings 6 also found themselves in a similar situation. There they were, working hard, casting vision and working that vision well, when all of a sudden in the midst of working they lost the very instrument that was placed in their hands to work with. Something God spoke to me recently was, "If you spend more time sharpening your sword in private then you won't find yourself tired and drained trying to fight battles you cannot win with a dull sword in public." A sword with a sharpened edge requires less work than a dull sword any day.

As leaders we must be reminded that ministry should not burn us out or even frustrate us. If we have found ourselves overwhelmed, then before we get consumed with busy calendars and more events, let's make our way to the prayer closet and allow Him to fill us with His anointing, zeal, and purpose for a new year. We have a great challenge before us in working in Girls Ministries and sometimes we have to compete with the most "cutting-edge" pop-culture trends, graphics, media, artists, and peers. It can seem overwhelming at times, but be encouraged to know God has called you and equipped you with everything you need to reach out to your girls and empower your leaders. We merely have the task of daily "sharpening our edge." May the first appointment on our agenda for 2012 read ... "Appointment with God "... "Location: The Prayer Closet." It's time to get our edge back! From TLHD Girls Ministries to you, have a blessed 2012!


Authors: Melissa Alfaro

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