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Getting Girls Involved in Ministry

As our family transitioned to a new church a few years ago, we had several reactions from our kids when it came to being involved in ministry. One daughter jumped right in, helping in every class and attending every event. Another daughter was open, but wanted to settle for a while before deciding. Yet another daughter was hesitant for anything new. Each girl had her own path for what she needed before becoming engaged in all God had for her. As a leader, you may not be able to control how a girl responds, but you can do your part to get girls involved in ministry. 


            Here are 10 easy and effective strategies for connecting with girls:


1.     Listen to her. Take time to have a conversation rather than simply jumping to the invitation. Learn what she is all about in regard to her family, school, friends, and her gift set.

2.     Talk to her parents. Inform her parents of opportunities for involvement. They can talk with her and help her process any hesitancy or questions, and even be your biggest asset when it comes to supporting you in recruiting.

3.    Text, write a note, or email. Seeing your ministry news in writing will help her understand details for the class, program, or event, and make her feel that she is directly being asked to attend.

4.     Use pastoral leadership influence. When a youth pastor, children’s pastor, or lead pastor talk about ministry opportunities, people will listen. This may not always be feasible for the church, but when it is, use pastoral leadership to encourage involvement.

5.     Utilize peer pressure. When girls tell other girls that something is cool, important, or beneficial, their friends will listen and they will have one more reason to come and be a part. Teach girls how to reach other girls.

6.     Use promo materials. All of your marketing materials do matter. If you wear a shirt, show a video, hand out invite cards, or hang posters; you are adding depth and credibility to your ministry.

7.     Keep her accountable.  If a girl says she will come, and then doesn’t show up, lovingly let her know she was missed. If she signs up to help, then doesn’t help, follow through. Let her know she was truly needed. Personal responsibility will build ownership in her.

8.    Be flexible. If a girl has to make a change, be open to what God has for her. Without placing guilt she will be free to make decisions that are led of the Lord, whether it involves your area of ministry or not.

9.    Pray, pray, pray. The battle is always won in prayer. You could do all the right things, but unless God moves in her, she may not ever make the connection.

10. Celebrate her. If someone new walks in or comes to participate, make it a big deal! Greet her with a smile and a hug. Introduce her to others. Explain to her exactly what is going on so she knows how to fit in with others.


     Every action step you take as a leader makes a difference. It may take one strategy or all ten strategies for you to see results, but it will be worth your efforts as you see girls getting involved in ministry in their own way and at the right time.

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