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Please Say Thank You

Take time this month to say thank you or I’m thankful for you to these people in your world.

·       Family – Write individual, short notes to family members to express why you appreciate them. (Example, for a husband: “Thank you for helping me build a huge flower garden for our Sunshine Garden Party and encouraging me to be the best leader I can be.”)

·       Coworkers or leaders with you in ministry – Give a sweet, even inexpensive gift to express how amazing it is to work together. (Example: Give a small container of mints that have a cute label that says, “We were mint to work together. Thanks for all you do!”)

·       Pastor – Ask girls and leaders to bring small items to create a gift basket for the pastor’s family. Present the basket to use over the Thanksgiving holiday. (Example: Put together a family game night basket. Include a board game or two, snacks and bottles of water/soda. Girls can write notes and add to the basket to say thank you.)

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