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Bringing Lessons to Life

By: Jen Whalen

Children's leaders have a ton of competition as kids are overloaded with demands for their attention. Smart phones, tablets, video games, computers, etc., have infiltrated their lives. Kids can become easily bored if we use the same teaching method every week. Here are a few fun tips to add variety and keep the Bible engaging:

Create a fun environment that kids will look forward to.
Make sure your clubroom is clean and organized. Display club posters and wall décor that is age appropriate and geared toward girls. Change your bulletin boards regularly to keep it interesting. Consider having a designated area to display the artwork or written pieces created by your girls.

Make stories and lessons interactive.
When children can be involved with the lesson, they will learn and remember more. There are a TON of suggestions online. I especially like to look to Pinterest for fun ideas. Here are some suggestions:

• A fun way to get kids involved is to have them act out the story. The teacher can bring a variety of props to class to encourage creativity.
• Be visual...use lots of images when you teach.
• Assign portions of your lesson to one or two kids to teach to their peers. Studies show that we tend to retain up to 95% of information when we teach it to others.
• Have a discussion time to allow kids to share what they have learned.

Incorporate object lessons to communicate abstract spiritual truths in a clear way.
• Object lessons are fun and create a desire to come back to see more.
• Object lessons are visual. When kids can see or participate in something, it will hold their attention and help them remember the biblical lessons much longer.

It is imperative that church leaders catch the interest of young ones by bringing Bible lessons to life. By taking a little extra time to research fun, interactive ways to teach, your girls are more likely to retain the information and look forward to returning week after week. Have fun!

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