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Getting Started Strong

By: Jen Whalen

Recruiting Quality Volunteers

As summer is almost over and fall is coming, I'm sure that many of you are thinking about how to recruit quality volunteers to lead your clubs. Here are some tips to find the right people to work with your girls.

• Pray: Ask the Lord to send ladies that have a heart to pour into young girls. Ask Him to guide you as you begin recruiting moms, teenagers, and other volunteers from your church.

• Communicate: Be prepared to give a clear understanding of what it means to be a club sponsor/helper. Share the vision of Girls Ministries. Let your passion be contagious!

• Establish a time frame: You might consider asking ladies to make a commitment to volunteer for a specific amount of time such as one year. People are more likely to volunteer if they know they are not expected to volunteer indefinitely.

• Provide helpers: Be sure to recruit helpers for each club sponsor. Assuring that you have enough volunteers will provide more support for the leaders and help with coverage when a sponsor is absent.

Training Volunteers: Volunteers want to feel equipped to minister effectively. Schedule a time to train your volunteers and make them feel special and appreciated. Some options could include providing a light lunch during training and giving each volunteer a small gift such as a Girls Ministries chevron tote or padfolio. A gift that supports Girls Ministries could help them feel more connected to the ministry. Try to schedule time to meet with your volunteers regularly. Meeting once a month or once a quarter for a time of prayer and support will strengthen your ministry team.

During your training time, be sure to communicate expectations, prepare volunteers for service, and allow them to ask questions. Emphasize the importance of spiritual development. As leaders grow in their relationship with the Lord, they will be more effective in their ministry role. Discuss what they need to know to be effective in the club room. Let them know that you trust them to use their gifts and abilities. Most importantly, remind volunteers to build relationships with their girls, lead them into a deeper walk with Jesus, and to have fun!


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