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Influencing Your World Through Mentoring

By: Mandy Groot

When you become a mentor, you invest so much of your time with the hope that what you share and experience will have a lasting influence. Effective mentoring will create successful outcomes. When you mentor someone, here are some things to keep in mind:

Be Intentional: Create a clear understanding of why you are meeting and the desired outcomes of the relationship. If you don't know where you are going, you will never get there.

Be Prepared: Once the desired outcomes of the relationship are determined, be prepared for each meeting. Part of mentoring is helping a person get from point A to point B. As a mentor, developing a plan of action for each meeting will help you stay on track. There are so many topics and issues you can discuss. Pick something that is biblical and practical.

Be Transparent: Be willing to share your real-life experiences in a way that will guide them to make right choices. Part of mentoring someone is helping them learn from your mistakes. This in turn creates a safe environment for them to share what they are going through. It helps them to know that you are not perfect either.

Be Available: Mentoring doesn't always happen as a scheduled appointment. Make yourself available to those you mentor. This becomes a natural tendency as you mentor someone over an extended period.

Be Accountable: Even mentors should be accountable to someone. You can be accountable to a pastor, a parent (if mentoring a child) and/or another leader. Communicate with this person to remain accountable and even get additional perspective when needed.

Mentoring may take on many shapes and forms over the period of the relationship. Once a good mentoring relationship is established, don't be surprised if years later you get another call from the individuals you have mentored.

If you will be a mentor, your potential for lifelong Kingdom impact and influence is profound!




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