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Becoming an All Star Teen Girl

By: Candice Gibbons

There's always cliques...the track kids, cheerleaders, nerds, gothic kids, misfits, band members or whatever group you can think of at school. There's always groups of teenagers who dress the same and go everywhere together. They might bully you just because you're not like them. Or, maybe they pressure you into doing stuff you don't believe in. But whatever it's like, there's a reason God has put you in the school you're in.

It has nothing to do with your dad's job that you had to go to that school or that your family lives right beside it. He put you in that school to make a difference in one teenager's life...or make a difference in the whole school! You are an influencer. You are an All-Star Girl. So how do you start seeing the change? Right where you're at in life. Be who God created you to be as you are today. You don't have to wait to grow up fully. It's time to influence your daily world now.

Here are some do's and don'ts when you're ready to start sharing hope as you influence your world:

-Sit by the new girl at school and have a conversation without making it awkward.
-Be open and kind when other deliberately aren't.
-Lead by example in showing love on the bus, hallways, and after-school activities.
-Talk openly about your faith without being pushy.
-Live by example when facing temptation.

-Wear a Christian tee shirt everyday but never showing love
-Always wear headphones in the hallways to block out the bad.
-Rebuke your peers' sins in front of others.
-Break into the office and sing "Hallelujah" on the loud speaker.
-Isolate yourself from the school just because they're "too worldly."

You know, non-Christians are going to act a lot like non-Christians! That's why they need you. Share hope with people who God placed in front of you. Don't isolate yourself because you're worried about what other people will think. The kid who always wears black might not like being who he or she is. They might be craving kindness, or respect. They might do it to help bandage the wound in their heart. They are looking for someone to influence them. Be that person who steps out and loves in a Christlike way.

In 10 years from now, more people will remember the All-Star girl who stood for purity, never dated, went home instead of the party, and loved Lord with all her heart more than the cool cliques. They will remember wanting what you have. So, go for it. Stand out. Stand strong right where you are today!


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