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Maximizing Girls Club Participation During the School Year

Class is now in session (bell ringing in the distance)! Some are singing "hallelujah" while others are counting down to the first school holiday. The reality is that even though the school year provides routine it also brings with it an inundation of homework, school functions, extracurricular activities, and earlier bed times that can cause fluctuation in Girls Club participation and lead to girls becoming disconnected with Girls Ministries altogether...

While some might see the school year as an obstacle to contend with, the school year is the perfect time to mentor and disciple girls. It's the time they find themselves in the midst of peer pressure situations, battling relational issues, dealing with questions about their faith, and being confronted with temptations. What better time to come alongside them and walk them through the process then when they are in the heat of the battle? Perhaps the school year provides Girls Ministries with the perfect opportunity to make a greater impact in the lives of the girls and their peers.

How do we use the school year to our advantage in order to keep the girls connected and maximize Girls Clubs participation?

1.      Open a Snapchat Account: Okay, so maybe not literally, but it does mean that you can maximize the platform of social media in order to stay connected with your girls throughout the day. How many times do the girls check their phones in a day (even while in class)? And how many times do elementary age girls browse through YouTube videos created by other young girls? You can use social media in order to promote upcoming units in an exciting way, make announcements, or even extend on club discussions. Use social media in order to create encouraging messages or memes that reinforce practical steps for putting the unit content into practice.

2.      Show Your Support: Take some time to support the activities the girls are involved in-watch their game, attend their concert, or support their team fundraiser. Find out what they are involved in and send them encouraging texts or even a "praying for you" card right before a big event. Create a bulletin board in your room where you can celebrate the talents of the girls.

3.      Set Up Your Club to Receive Their Friends: Make your Girls Club room a place where the girls would want to bring their friends, especially the "unchurched". Equip the girls on how to invite their friends and encourage them to do so. You can even provide incentives for the younger girls as they bring visitors. You can assign some of your friendly girls to be part of the hospitality committee (girls who intentionally seek out visitors to make them feel welcome and who do follow up with visitors after their initial visit either via thank you note, text or message). Then intentionally line up units that are perfect for visitors and evangelistic in nature. Pray and let the Holy Spirit do the rest!

Bottom Line: The school year facilitates a great opportunity for Girls Ministries leaders to stay connected with the girls and help them maximize their spiritual growth as they step back into the clubroom.

By: Melissa Alfaro

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