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Be The Light

Barefoot Faith exists to share the love of our heavenly Father by performing Random Acts of Christ-glorifying Kindness (RACKs) for others.

Barefoot Faith was founded by two friends looking to leverage resources in a greater way for the Kingdom of God. We want to make the most out of being the hands and feet of Christ. Basically, we look for small ways to brighten days and plant seeds showing how greatly we all are loved.

Who doesn't love things that sparkle and shine, right? Especially us girls! The passion behind Barefoot Faith is to ignite believers to live on mission; or in short, to SHINE! We believe our school, job, neighborhood, grocery store, doctor's office is our mission field. We can be the light in this otherwise dark world by sharing God's love through RACKs (Random Acts of Christ-glorifying Kindness).

The advent season is unique due to seasonal opportunities and hearts are more open. So...go RACK ‘em!

  • Stuff gloves with hand warmers, granola bar and possibly $5 gift card for homeless. You can do this as a group and deliver to a shelter.
  • Give hand warmers and hot chocolate to Salvation Army ringers.
  • Collect/Earn $ and buy items for local food pantry. Or, do a neighborhood food drive.
  • Tape baggie of change to a vending machine.
  • As a family or group, offer to ‘spring clean' a room at school, shelter or local nonprofit; as a family or group.
  • Make treats or take doughnuts to construction site, fire/police station, or city offices.
  • Take a children's book about the Christmas story and leave in doctor's office waiting room.
  • Take poinsettia or flower arrangement to nursing home or assisted living facility. Take a group and go caroling.
  • Pack an extra treat in your lunch to share with someone sitting alone.
  • Identify a family or group ‘charity'. Make intentional sacrifices to make a difference.

Attach a card or tag that says, "Enjoy! God loves you" and in this season, "Merry Christmas!" This makes a random act one that isn't just good but gives God the glory.

Let your little light SHINE!

by Kelly Zimmerman
Co-Founder, Barefoot Faith



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