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Staying Organized this Spring

By: Crystal Faatz, Ohio

Before we know it spring will be here, and spring is a season of great things in Girls Ministries. Events, celebrations, awards and promotions are all opportunities to connect and celebrate with girls. Here are some simple tips to help you navigate through the planning in order to have a wonderful time of relationship building and memory making with your girls.

Planning ahead can help you, your leadership team, your girls and their families all be aware of important dates and opportunities in the spring.

  • Use a calendar such as the "Year at a Glance planning guide" to lay out important dates in advance.
  • Check with your district for any area wide events for girls.
  • Check with you local church for dates that would work to allow the church family to celebrate the accomplishments of your girls.


With your leaders

  • Discuss the calendar. What are their interests? Who is available to chaperone and for what events?
  • The "Celebration Planning Guide" is great to keep track of delegated responsibilities.
  • Discuss the needs of the girls.
    • Who is getting ready to complete a club?
    • Who needs help reaching her goal of completing with honors? The Momentum LDU Bronze unit has great tips on making the achievement program doable for all.
    • What other things can we as a group recognize in the girls so that EVERY girl feels special. Can you recognize godly character traits you see your girls exhibiting? How about ministry talents they are developing? The possibilities are endless!

With the girls and their parents

  • Use flyers, letters, and social media to inform families of upcoming events and deadlines.


Have a system that works to keep all the information you need at your fingertips.

  • Club specific color coded folders can keep club specific information accessible.
  • Event folders keep permission slips and medical forms handy.
  • Keep accurate records by using achievement record sheets from the reproducible pages in your sponsor guides. If you like a more high tech option, try the Mpact Navigator.

Located in Sponsor Guide Reproducible Pages (some Sponsor forms are available on our website here, just select your club):

Located on the National Girls Ministries Website:

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