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Rainbows and Coins for Kids

This past year has been one of the most surprising in my dozen years of leading and teaching children. In just nine months, my class of 14 to 17 Rainbows raised more than $800 for Coins for Kids.

The Coins for Kids project was providing kitchen centers for boys and girls in South Africa. I explained to my Rainbows Club that some of the children in South Africa we wanted to help didn't have kitchens like we have in our homes, or refrigerators or stoves like we do.

We showed them the Coins for Kids video and pictures of the kitchen centers missionaries were going to build for the children. My co-sponsor Debbie and our helper Maria, then helped the kids decorate plastic buckets with pictures of refrigerators, stoves, and other kitchen items.

I told the children to take their buckets home and to ask anyone who visited their house if they would give the change in their pocket or purse towards our missions project. Then every week, the kids would bring their buckets and empty them into a large container - which was a lot of fun for the kids.

Every week, I would roll the coins and take them to the bank, which soon began looking for my missions deposits. The year before, we gave $300 to Coins for Kids, which I thought was a lot. This time, I would count the money and look at our total giving and think, that can't be right. It was as if God was multiplying the money!

This was really a family affair, the kids and parents were excited about the project and as our total grew, it seemed so did the excitement. In all we raised a total of $813.61 for the Coins for Kids/BGMC project in South Africa.

Joann Rullo, Rainbows Sponsor
Full Gospel Church, Island Park, NY

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Authors: Joann Rullo

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