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Christmas Activities

Christmas Through the Year, Stars Club Sponsor Guide
Regardless of when in the year you study the Life of Christ unit, do one of the following Christmas activities: Make a birth announcement for Jesus. Have a birthday party for Jesus. Make your favorite Christmas cookies. Have the girls act out the nativity scene. Make a Christmas craft. Sing Christmas songs or listen to Christmas music while you work on other projects.

Poetry Snow globe, from
Recycle those old jars and create a fun poetry snow globe for gift ideas for mom and dad, and even friends, as Christmas fast approaches. Have fun with your kids in the clubroom as you help them create jars filled with poems about what God means to them.

Any type of jar with a lid
A poem printed the right size to fit in the jar
Wide, clear tape (such as packing tape)
White or silver glitter, fake snow, or finely cut tinfoil
Hot glue gun or aquarium sealing glue

Decorations to build a scene (such as a small figurine, plastic greenery, etc.)
Felt (to attach to the bottom)


  1. Thoroughly wash and dry the jar and lid.
  2. Cut out the printed poem so that it stands up vertically inside the jar.
  3. "Laminate" the poem by covering it with overlapping layers of clear tape.
  4. Attach figurines or other decorations to the inside of the jar lid using hot glue. (Optional)
  5. Fill the jar with cold water to within 1/2 inch (1 cm) of the top.
  6. Sprinkle approximately 1/2 teaspoon of glitter, fake snow, or foil into the water. (Adjust glitter amount according to the size of your jar.)
  7. Wipe dry the inside of the lid and the rim of the jar dry.
  8. Line the inside of the lid and the rim with hot glue and screw the lid on tight.
  9. Let the jar stand, lid side up, overnight.
  10. After the seal has set, you can line the top of the lid with felt, attach ribbon, or further personalize the exterior of your snow globe.
  11. Turn over, lid side down, and watch the snow fall!



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