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Clubroom Activity and Snack Idea

Clubroom Activity:

Progressive Pictures, pg. 450, Stars Sponsor Guide (print version)
You will need paper, a pen, pencils and crayons, and a box. Before the club meeting write descriptions of several scenes from a Bible story, one for each girl. Put these in a box. Give the girls pencils, crayons, and paper. Have each girl draw a scene from the box and sketch that scene on her paper. When everyone is finished, arrange the pictures in chronological order and put them on the wall.

Clubroom Snack Idea:

Cupcake Cones, pg. 229, Daisies Sponsor Guide (print version)
Materials: Cake mix, ice cream cones (flat bottom type), frosting, plastic knives, decorating sprinkles or candies.


  1. Prepare a cake mix according to the instructions on the package. Fill ice cream cones a little over half full with the cake batter.
  2. Cook the cones at 350 degrees until the cake is done. (Test the cake with a toothpick.) Let the cakes cool.
  3. Give each girl a plastic knife and some frosting to spread on the cone. Provide items to decorate them with, such as candy sprinkles. Remind the girls not to squeeze the cone.


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