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Almost S'mores and Popsicle Picture Frame

Snack: Almost S'mores

Lose the marshmallow, add the marshmallow crème! Camp fire s'mores without the fire!

You will need:
• Graham crackers
• Low fat chocolate frosting or chocolate bars
• Marshmallow crème

What to do:
Break each cracker into four sections. Spread frosting or chocolate bar on one section. Spread marshmallow crème on another section. Your kids will enjoy licking the sticky frosting off their fingers and acting like they are at a campsite!


Craft: Popsicle picture frames

You will need:
• Eight clean craft sticks
• Photograph of yourself that you don't mind cutting
• Pencil
• Scissors
• Tacky craft glue
• Cardboard (you can use an old cereal box)
• Paint or magic markers
• Tacky craft glue
• Any of the following items to decorate the frame: sequins, buttons, construction paper, yarn, stickers, nuts and bolts, fishing lures, buttons, ribbons, tiny fake flowers, golf tees, puzzle pieces, lace, stamps, wrapping paper, fabric, or pictures of their favorite hobby cut from magazines, etc.
• Yarn (if you want to hang your frame)
• Magnet (if you want to be able to put your frame on the refrigerator or a filing cabinet)

What to do:
1. Arrange the craft sticks as follows: put two side-by-side vertically (up and down). Put two more (arranged the same way) next to them.
2. Take the photograph and slide the edges under the four sticks so that neither of the sides (right or left) show.
3. Place two more craft sticks, side-by-side, so that the top edge is covered. Do the same with the bottom edge using the last two sticks. (The top and bottom parts will cross over the side parts of the frame.) Use the pencil to lightly mark where the frame will attach. You may need to trim the picture if it is too big.
4. Use the glue to put the frame together. Let it dry overnight.
5. While you are waiting for the frame to dry, put the picture on a piece of cardboard and trace around it. Trim the cardboard to be just a little larger than the picture (about 1/4" all the way around).
6. Glue the picture to the center of the cardboard.
7. Decorate the frame using paints or markers. Let that dry (if you used paint) and then further decorate it with the items you've collected.
8. Once the frame is dry (paint or glue), glue the picture to the frame.
9. If you want to hang the frame, glue a 4" piece of yarn to the back of the frame. (Glue one end to each top corner.) If you would rather it be a magnetic frame, glue a magnet to the back. You can also make a stand using a stiff piece of cardboard. (Cut a 4" by 2"
rectangle. Bend the cardboard at one end about 1/2" from the top. Glue the bent part to the back so that the frame can stand up (you may need to trim it a little if it's too long.)
10. Wrap it up, and give someone a special surprise!

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