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March 2010

Leadership Development
Change in Girls Ministries Training Resources
In an effort to provide the same valuable resources to all church ministries
departments, the Girls Ministries training courses will soon be released under a new cover and title.

The courses contain the same information, with the exception of the
Momentum Leadership Development Units: Community (formerly Missionettes Leadership Development: Silver). In order to make the material relevant to all church ministries departments, the unit titled "Your Missionettes Model" has been replaced with "Community Outreach." Since the material is almost the same as before, it will not be necessary for leaders who have completed the requirements for the Bronze and Silver training courses to retake these courses.

Although the resources will now be available to leaders in other church ministry areas, the achievement process for Girls Ministries leaders remains the same.

The Mpact Leadership Development Units: Gold training course will also be updated later this year as part of the Momentum Leadership Development series.

See the attached flyer.

Girls Clubs Leader Training Guide
The newly revised edition of the Leader Training Guide is now available. The guide contains the same quality instruction regarding the operation of each club as well as other pertinent information about the ministry in general.

If you have completed the previous training course, completion of the revised training course will be optional. A list of updated items will be available on the Girls Ministries Web site in April.

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