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Hot Topics and Trends in Teen Girls

By: Casey Gibbons

"Mrs. Casey! Can we pleeeeeease have more time for our Bible study? Every time we meet we are rushed! We have more to say and need more time!" This request doesn't seem too out of the ordinary, that is, if we met for a typical frame of an hour or so. But we meet for three hours. Three! My group of 8th grade girls are interested and engaged in all God has to say on topics that they are facing. They love girl-time together in God's Word, as I am sure any girl would if she had a place to connect.

While not all girls express a desire to connect, they all need it. Because of their unique challenges, girls are looking for acceptance and guidance in a safe place. Teenagers are facing daily choices when it comes to how they think, where they go, who they are friends with, and what they do. They are challenged with relationship issues at home, friends in crisis at school, and pressures from extra curricular activities. As adults, it's understandable as a part of the growing up process. But girls usually only know what they see and feel with all they are going through. Your leadership in a small group or mentoring relationship is a lifeline to them.

As you lead, take time to go deep on specific topics. Ask questions and listen well. Give Biblical advice and applications then ask more questions and listen again. As a resource for you, we recommend using the updated and all-new Hot Topics from TGM for your group! These free questions/verses outlines including a theme, focused prayer and additional resources for further study that can be a solid guide for your time together. You can implement these on a Sunday morning, a missions trip, camp bunk time, Wednesday small groups, once a month gatherings, or whenever it works for you.

Reaching teens is simple and possible for leaders who have a heart to reach out. When I look at the temptations, heartache, and challenges that this generation faces, I am filled with victorious hope! When you take time to create a loving environment that listens well and leads them in Biblical truth, you have just reached this generation with guidance they need. It may not take your group three hours of dialogue but every moment you spend together will have eternal rewards as you invest in the hearts of girls.


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