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Two Minute Quick Tip

Let's Go on Some Adventures!

During the colder months, it gets easy to just stay indoors and not be active with our groups. However, that can make anyone a bit stir-crazy. Take advantage of the time and do some special adventures with the girls!

• Outdoor Adventure: If there is snow, take the group outside to paint in the snow. Just mix squeeze bottles of water with food coloring to make the paint. They can illustrate something they learned from a lesson.

• Industry Adventure: Tour a retirement home and have the girls deliver special things they made.

• Professional Adventure: Invite a special guest to share their profession with the group.

• Fine Arts: Visit a local play or create fun motions to the new song, "Shine" (available at

• Community Adventure: Collect items and deliver to a local soup kitchen or shelter.

• Ministry Adventure: Put together a short skit or program the group could do for the toddlers in the nursery.

No reason to keep the girls sitting around a table or at a desk all evening. Get them out and have fun on your adventures this year!

Adventure Buttons, Pins, and Badges are also available through

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