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June 2017

By: Christie Wall

Missions giving is Biblical and most definitely something we want to instill in our young girls. But how do we do that? First and foremost, we have to get the girls involved in the vision. One of the best ways to do that is by storytelling. Children need a way to visualize the mission we want them to give to. Help them by telling stories about the missionaries and their work, show them pictures and videos, and, when possible, find ways to give them some hands-on exposure or demonstration of the needs of our missionaries. Once a child's heart is touched by the mission, they will willingly give (and many times so will their parents).

But don't stop there. Take the story to the church and let them get involved. At our church, we've done some fun (and maybe a bit crazy) fundraisers to help us raise our missions goal. I believe three things helped make these events successful:

(1) We told the story to the pastoral leadership. When they heard our hearts, they agreed to not only support us but to be involved.
(2) We told the story to the church. We did several videos that we showed in church and as a part of our social media campaign. We got our kids involved in the videos, and last year, we even had the missionary give us a video shout out! We wanted the church to share in our vision.
(3) Everyone became a part of the story. We decided to do something that would involve the church. We invested them in our fundraising event and in our mission giving.

Over the past three years, our missions giving has increased by 2676%. Last year, we were first in our district and second in the nation. This didn't happen because of one person - it was a shared vision and a shared mission with a team.

Some of our most successful ways to raise money included:

• Kiss the Pig-people voted with their money on which pastor would kiss the pig
• Sumo for Senegal-people voted with their money on which pastors they would like to see in blow-up sumo wrestler costumes and actually wrestle!
• M&M Challenge-kids filled up the mini-M&M tubes with quarters. They received a new tube of M&Ms every time they turned in a full tube. Tubes held $14 in quarters.
• Bed Race-this year we will have people vote on the pastor/wife team that will race on a decorated twin bed (with wheels). The pastor will have to push his wife, who is on top of the bed, in the race.

For more information on any of these, please feel free to contact me.



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