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May 2017

CFK Update on Caring for Baneasa

By: Ana Dascalescu

There are some exciting things that keep us very busy around the Baneasa Community Center! In the past few months we could reach out to the families with children in the Baneasa community by providing shoes and school supplies to those who were in great need so that they could continue to go to school! Spring has arrived to the Baneasa Community Center and the place is being prepared for the children that will soon begin coming for the afterschool program and for the Saturday morning kids club. The classrooms will need to be furnished and supplied so that the children will have chairs, tables and all the supplies to do their school work. We have a great number of children who do not attend school so we will need to focus on bringing them to their respective grade level, with the purpose to reintegrate them in school.

As funds, will become available, we will be installing a playground, as the children do not have currently a playground to go to. Preparations are also being made for the first greenhouse to be installed so that the children can enjoy fresh veggies all summer long! We will be installing three honey bee hives and teach children and adults how to produce wild honey.

Please be praying with us for willing volunteers from the community to help us with these projects. Please pray that we will be able to identify, classify and appropriately place the children in their level of learning. Lastly, please pray for the leaders of the community that they will cooperate with our efforts to help revitalize the Baneasa community through education, job training, Bible teaching and parent cooperation.

To keep in touch with Caring for Baneasa, follow our Facebook group at "Mike and Ana Dascalescu Serving Romania". You can also look up where you can find pictures and other information!



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