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What do I do before our first club meeting?

Before Your First Meeting

Plan the Time and Place for MeetingsGetting Started - Girls Ministries
Select a place for club meetings. The best meeting place may be determinded by the time and frequency of your meetings. Find a place where girls will be comfortable, feel like they can be themselves, and is conducive to group conversation.

Decide on the time and frequency of meetings that fit your situation. Many clubs meet on family night at the church. Others meet at another designated time. Coordinate with other church ministries to determine the best time. (view format options)

Plan Financing
Talk to church leadership about how funds are allocated and accounted. Funds may be raised in various ways, including regular offerings from the girls, a subsidy from the church, a Women’s Ministries group, or fundraisers. Some clubs charge membership dues. Girls should not be excluded from attending if they cannot give. Each club is encourages to support their district Girls Ministries office to help with district administrative costs (view disticts).


  • Announce Girls Clubs meetings in church, Sunday school, children’s church, vacation Bible school, and youth group.
  • Put announcements on bulletin boards, and in newspapers, and church bulletins.
  • Send postcards to prospective members.
  • Personally invite girls to Girls Clubs.

Plan an Introductory Meeting
Invite parents and girls to a get-acquainted meeting. Introduce sponsors and display samples of the activity books or journals, uniforms, and unit awards (badges, charms, pins).

Have a mock club meeting with leaders and parents.

Apply for Charter
For more information and details on how to charter contact your local Girls Ministries district director. Prior to your first club meetings, apply for each club’s official charter according to your district’s policy.

You will receive charter certificates and individual membership cards.

Frame and display the certificate in your clubrooms. The certificate will remind the girls in each club that they are part of a national and international organization.