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21st Annual National Girls Ministries Sleepover Makes Impact on Lives

By: Dan Van Veen

2014 Sleepover Call-in
AG national Girls Ministries' Kelly Morris (right) and volunteer Saehee Duran keep viewers updated on Coins for Kids giving, give "shout outs" to churches who call in their giving, and discuss the exciting things different churches are doing at their Sleepover events during the live webcast of the Sleepover Call-in.

Thousands of girls and club leaders across the country took part in the Assemblies of God 21st annual National Girls Ministries Sleepover held on September 25-26. This year, 917 leaders, representing 2,560 girls, were represented in the offering call-in portion of the event.

Themed "Exploration China," the 2014 Sleepover saw more than $27,000 called in by girls club leaders and given towards the annual Coins for Kids project — one of the largest Sleepover offerings on record. 

Oxford (Florida) AG girls' clubs and their partner churches were a big part of the effort. Club leader Sheena Cullen partnered her group with five other area AG churches and together these six churches raised $2,848.69 — more than 10 percent of the total giving for the Sleepover call-in!

"Leaders, parents, and girls who give to Coins for Kids may never fully know what kind of impact they are making, but as Ephesians 4:16 tells us when we do our part it builds up the other parts," says Mark Entzminger, senior director of Assemblies of God Children's Ministries. "This year's Sleepover event and offering is just one example of how these girls are doing their part to build up another part of the Body of Christ."

During the Friday-night-through-Saturday-morning event, girls involved in AG girls clubs as well as those they invited, enjoyed a variety of themed events and foods, which were customized by each participating group to fit their needs.

However, the event is not limited to just "fun and food." Part of each Sleepover includes praise and worship, prayer, a focus on the year's missions project, and a brief message. Each year, the national office receives reports of girls accepting Christ during the event.

2014 Sleepover Call-in
The 2014 Sleepover Call-in staff.

Village West Assembly of God in Kansas City is just such an example. According to club leader Norma Holderman, two new girls attended their Sleepover and gave their hearts to the Lord. Hope Chapel in Glendale, Arizona, and Christ Church AG in Fort Worth, Texas, had a total of 18 new girls attend their Sleepover events, with the gospel message being planted in their hearts as well.

For the last several years, the Coins for Kids annual giving has averaged about $200,000. With this significant influx of funds, the missions ministry benefiting from the funds is able to take on "dream projects" that impact many more lives than otherwise would have been possible.

"In a world that is filled with people who are self-centered," says Entzminger, "it's great to know we have a ministry in the Assemblies of God that is helping girls see the value of using what God has given them to reach people they may never meet." 

For more information about AG Girls Ministries, clubs, Coins for Kids and the current missions project, see its website.





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