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New devotional for young families offered

Looking to help parents of elementary-age girls and boys, AG National Girls Ministries (NGM) is now offering a free weekly devotional to parents called FamilyFaith, as a part of the Parent Enrichment branch of the department.

Olga Vigil

"Some parents aren't quite sure how to have a Bible devotion time with their elementary children - it can be kind of intimidating," explains Olga Vigil, NGM leadership development coordinator. "This devotional is designed in such a way that it helps parents teach Bible truths, involves the whole family and keeps things exciting so kids don't get bored."

Vigil says that each weekly devotion is broken into several sections, including FamilyFocus, FamilyTalk, FamilyCenter, FamilyPact and FamilyPrayer. "The sections explain what each devotion is about, provides conversation-starter questions, a brief devotion from the Bible, an activity that reinforces what was just learned and a time of prayer," Vigil says. "This isn't just a two-minute Bible story, but a Bible truth that is reinforced in several ways in order to make a lasting impression."

Each devotion can last up to 30 minutes, Vigil says, as the activity portion - which could include activities such as scavenger hunts, car rides, drawings and more - can vary, depending on each parent's timetable. However, Vigil stresses, even though the devotions are developed by NGM, they are written with boys and girls in mind.

Although some devotions will be tied to events, such as Easter and Christmas, others will be less time specific, covering topics such as respect, friendship, thankfulness, hearing God's voice, compassion and more. "By offering devotions that aren't necessarily tied to the calendar," Vigil says, "this resource will grow so parents, looking to help their children better understand, for example, thankfulness, could pull that devotion from our archive and use it when they need it most.

"What we pray is that through these devotions, parents will be able to pass on their faith to their children, the next generation," Vigil says, "and that one day, those children will grow to accept that faith as their own."

For more information about the NGM FamilyFaith devotional or to download the first week's devotion, click here.


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