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Biennial Report

During 2007-2009 national Girls Ministries has focused on increasing digital resources for girls, leaders, and parents. Improvements include:

Downloadable videos - Girls Ministries and Coins for Kids promotional

Podcast for leaders and parents of girls

Leadership Forum - one for local leaders and one specific to district directors

Teen Girl Ministries - leaders' and girls' blogs, teen girl podcast, and teen girl retreat planner (TG Retreat)

Downloadable print pieces - Coins for Kids posters and labels, promotional flyers

E-newsletters - one for club leaders and one for parents and all leaders of girls

Webinars for district leadership

Sponsor Guides on CD-ROM - all seven sponsor guides are now available on CD-ROM

The Coins for Kids giving set a record in both 2007 and 2008. The 2007 figure of $169,872 eclipsed the 2006 figure of $111,630. Then in 2008, girls gave a total of $178,200. Compared to 2008, giving for 2009 is on track to set another record.

As of June 3, 2009, approval was given to help Girls Ministries complete the shift from Missionettes. Various products still carrying the previous logo and title are now in the process of revision and reproduction.

Throughout these two years, Girls Ministries has increased its visibility and interaction with Youth Ministries leaders on all levels - national, district, and local. An example of this is the release of the Teen Girl Retreat planning guide. This free, downloadable retreat guide was completed as a cooperative effort between national Girls Ministries and national Youth Ministries. It is available as a downloadable resource from either ministry's national website.

Another partnership for Girls Ministries is with Children's Ministries Agency as a host for a Girls Ministries Conference that leads in to the 2010 North American Children's Ministries Conference to be held in St. Louis, Missouri.

 Proposals for new resources include a new tween girl curriculum and new leadership development materials developed in partnership with the Discipleship Agency. 

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